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How often do I need a service?

Manufacturers vary in their recommended service intervals. Some are 10,000km, 12,500km and 15,000km. While a few are as high as 20,000km. This is also related to a time frame. That is 10,000km or 6 months. 20,000km or 12 months.

Why is the time of service important?

The reason for timed service intervals is because oil is hydroscopic. It absorbs moisture from the air and cannot do its job properly if there is moisture mixed in with it. The rings and bearings wear out faster.

When do I change brake fluid?

We recommend a change in brake fluid every 2 years. Brake fluid is also hydroscopic, absorbing moisture from the air. Brake fluid is special because it has a very high boiling point. DOT 4 boils at 230 degrees C. With as little as 3.7% moisture content that drops to 155 degrees C. Water moisture boils at 100Deg C. If you are coming down a steep hill and have to use your brakes a lot, then the temperature of the brake fluid can easily go over 155Deg C. causing brake fade when the water boils.

When do I change my coolant?

A change of coolant is recommended roughly every 2 years. Different manufacturers recommend different time frames. Your service booklet will tell you how often they recommend for your car. Some coolants are very specific to the vehicle. Many coolants are not compatible with one another and should not be mixed. Talk to our technical team about your coolant needs.

How long have I got to fix my car if it gets rejected at an Inspection?

If any vehicle is rejected for any reason on an e-Safety Check, Blue slip Inspection or Defect Notice Clearance you have 14 days to return for a free re-inspection. After 14 days the inspection has to be started all over again and a new fee charged.

When is it time to change a timing belt?

Timing belts have to change at a specific time. Some intervals are 50,000km while others are 12,000km. Check your service book or contact us – we would love to help!

Do broken timing belts bend valves?

Most often a broken timing belt will result in broken or bent valves and be very expensive. Anthony’s expert team will make sure to check and replace your timing belt as required to avoid additional damage and cost.

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