Engine Room

Our engine room performs the following services:

  • Cylinder head reconditioning.
  • Valve seat cutting with a Generation 2 Newan – all the valve seats are cut to the same height for an even result in air flow to and from the combustion chambers.
  • Surface grinding cylinder heads and manifolds.
  • Refacing valves to the correct angle to ensure a perfect seal against the seat.
  • Cylinder boring for engines in bikes, cars (petrol & diesel).
  • Cylinder liner replacement.
  • Honing cylinder bores.
  • Grinding flywheels, both single stage and stepped. Removing hot spots to make sure the clutch replacement job gets the best result.
  • Pressure testing cylinder heads to check for cracks or corrosion holes. Cracks can appear in any area of a cylinder head, even under cam bearings or in pre-combustion chambers. The only way to be certain of a heads integrity is to pressure test it up to 90 psi.


  • Hardness  testing – we use a simple hardness test to guide you towards a better result.
  • Vacuum testing valve sealing, to ensure that your head is going to do the job you need it to.
  • Bead blasting, chemical hot washing and cold chemical washing.
  • Supply new cylinder heads and gasket sets. New cylinder heads are now available for a variety of engines and are very cost effective.
  • Aluminium welding of cylinder heads to repair corrosion and accessible cracks.
  • Cast iron welding of manifolds.
  • Broken stud removal and repairs. Helicoil thread replacement.
  • Valve guide replacement. Valve guides are checked for tolerances and can be machine out or pressed out and new guides fitted.
  • Valve seats can be removed and replaced when they are too worn to be serviced.
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