Are you purchasing a new car and need peace of mind? Are you registering a new vehicle and require an inspection? Or are you transferring ownership? Are you moving state and need help with the vehicle?

Anthony’s Car and Head Centre’s qualified mechanics and technicians are trained to thoroughly check your vehicle for your peace of mind!

Are you planning a trip with the family or would you like to make sure your vehicle is ready for a new season?

Regular vehicle checks will help you enjoy that big road trip with the family, as well as provide day to day reliability for you and the people you care most about.


A blue slip is a full inspection of your car to prove your vehicle has passed the required roadworthy, design and identity standards for registration. The inspection thoroughly checks all the components of your car – for leaks, lights, seat belts, brakes, suspension – and more.

You will need a blue slip if a car is sold without registration, or if your registration has been expired for 3 months or longer. You also need to have a blue slip inspection if you are re-registering your vehicle from another state or importing a vehicle.

For vehicle registrations your car will have to undergo a road worthiness check. Anthony’s Car and Head Centre is an authorised mechanical workshop for registration and/or vehicle safety checks.

A safe to drive vehicle will receive a pink slip. Combined with a green slip from your insurer of choice you are then ready to renew your registration.

The check is fast, easy and good value. Contact us today to book your pink slip inspection with our friendly team!


Check out this handy sample checklist. Click the button to Download the Inspection Checklist.


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